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STEM Women Congress


Create opportunities through science. This initiative is driven by STEM STARS.

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Next edition: Nov 13th 2020



About Us

STEM WOMEN CONGRESS (SWC), wants to create a joint action plan for the first time, between all the institutions and organizations that support the STEM field and the feminine field. The goal is to achieve a world of equal opportunities between men and women.



The world will increasingly be more technological and the power will be in companies highly intensive in STEM knowledge.

We believe in a world with equal opportunities. So that, we need to place also women in the power positions.


Unify efforts in the combination of initiatives that exist and jointly establish global objectives that we carry out among all.

Encourage more women to opt for STEM careers.

You are interested in SWC if you’re a:

  • STEM Univeristy student finishing
  • up your last courses
  • Young professional
  • Senior professional
  • Headhunter
  • HR Professional
  • Consultant
  • Center of studies
  • STEM publication
  • Etc..

Do you want to be a speaker?

If you think it's important to work to achieve a world of equal and just opportunities. Can you help us make this happen?

We can't do it without you!

If you are a company and you want to sponsor the SWC, contact us through our contact form and we will send you the sponsorship dossier.

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